IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking
4–7 September 2023 // Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Information


Dubrovnik airport is located 22 km from the city. It is served by many international airlines and the approximate air distance from European capitals is 1 to 2 hours. Croatian ferries link Dubrovnik along the Adriatic with the port of Rijeka. Both Italian and Croatian ferries connect Dubrovnik with Italian ports. You can arrive and visit Dubrovnik if you book a holiday on a cruise ship with one of the cruise companies that call in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a very well-known port of call, and also a home port. For example, in 2015 Dubrovnik was the home port for M/V Thomson Celebration.


Dubrovnik’s climate is mild Mediterranean, mostly warm and dry. The average annual temperature is 18C and has an average of 2600 annual sun hours. Days without sun days are very rare, even in the winter. The temperature never falls below freezing, and snow is an exception. The weather remains hot and sunny in September even though summer is coming to an end. It's a quieter time to visit Dubrovnik because most of the summer crowds have left.


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City Walls – The most recognizable feature which defines the history of Dubrovnik and gives it its characteristics, are its intact city walls with five fortresses that offer an
unforgettable view over the city, the island of Lokrum and the open sea. The City Walls are the main attraction for visitors.

The Old City – Dubrovnik is not built in a way to be admired from a car or bus. This is a place for pedestrians. Every spot and hidden corner has its own unique flavour which will make memories to last a lifetime.

Cable Car - panoramic views of Dubrovnik - Glide through the air on a scenic adventure. The ride offers breath-taking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, coastal sights with
islands and magnificent sunsets.

Museums - Housing the materials from prehistoric artefacts to recent documents from the not so distant past during the time of the Croatian War of Independence in the
1990s, the Dubrovnik Museums - conceptualised as specialised institutions - offer information on all segments of the public, private, trade, seafaring and every-day life of


Visit the Dubrovnik Tourist board website for more information.